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1. According to the number of wells, the most common can be divided into 96-well plates and 384-well plates.

2. Classified by well type, 96-well plates can be divided into round well type and square well type. All 384-well plates are square wells.

3. According to the shape of the hole bottom, there are mainly U-shaped and V-shaped.

So what is the purpose of the deep hole plate?

①Store samples:

It can replace the traditional 1.5ml centrifuge tube to store samples, and it can be placed neatly during the storage process, saving space, large storage capacity, and can withstand a refrigerator at -80°C. Also called a storage block.


②Processing samples:

It can be used in combination with a discharge gun, high-throughput automatic liquid manipulation instrument and software to achieve high-throughput operations on biological samples, such as protein precipitation and liquid-liquid extraction. Greatly improve the efficiency of sample processing. PP material can withstand high temperature and high pressure sterilization treatment at 121℃.

③Sampling operation:

It is usually used in various autosamplers and can be directly placed in the sample chamber of the autosampler for sample injection. Compared with the traditional sample injection bottle, it can not only double the number of samples in the sample chamber, but also realize sample placement. After processing on the 96-well plate, the sample is directly injected without tedious work. Take the sample back and forth, place the sample, cap, insert the insert and clean the bottle.

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