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In the experiment, most of the problems encountered by many scientific researchers are that the lid is not tightly covered or most of them are evaporated. Many imported ones are easy to use, but due to limited funds, they may choose to make them domestically. In response to this problem, Bellambe Biotech acts as an agent for the imported brand PCR 8-strip tube, which can replace the original consumables of the instrument, has high cost performance, stable quality, and can save experimental costs for users.

1. The eight-strip tube adopts an optical flat cover, and the entire cover surface is bright and flat without traces, which greatly improves the detection light passing rate of the PCR detector.

—The importance of the lid:

—There are tens of millions of manufacturers that can produce lids, and no more than 3 companies in the world can make lids. VIOX is one of them.

-More than 90% of VIOX's products are produced in China, but the lid is produced in the US, which is enough to show the importance of the lid.

—The light transmission rate of the cover is directly related to the signal collection of the instrument. Choosing a cover with high light permeability is extremely important for fluorescence quantitative detection.

2. Ultra-thin wall makes heat conduction, accurate temperature control, and reduces experiment cycle time.

3. No DNase and RNase, no heat source, no internal ds.

4. The direction hole is convenient to distinguish the direction.

5. The products are made of imported plastic materials, equipped with an optical flat cover, suitable for fluorescent quantitative PCR.

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